Miss Independent

Okay, so Alyx is perfectly fine now. In fact, she was perfectly capable of doing whatever she wants. Today, I had her sitting on the counter, watching me make something. She proceeded to get my dry erase markers and started to color on one of my recipe cards. So, I put her down on the floor while I finished my stuff (I was almost finished). Unfortunately, I thought that I had put the marker out of her reach, but I was wrong. A few minutes passed and I heard Alyx in the hallway. I went to go see what she was doing. She drew ALL over the wall! On some boxes in the hall! On a bag that was in the trash! On her stand up toy! On the microwave cart! About two and a half feet above the floor are marks all the way down the hallway. Did I mention that is was a bright green marker???? Thank goodness for the magic eraser… sure it takes all the paint off the wall in that spot, but at least it’s not green!

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One Response to Miss Independent

  1. Sara says:

    Oh no! Never a dull moment, right?

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