Life and Steps

Not too much out of the ordinary has been going on lately…. which is good! Normally, out of the ordinary stuff that happens is not too good or is very stressful. Frankie went to the Clemson game yesterday. He needed to get a way for a little bit, so it was good for him. He wasn’t too disappointed that Clemson lost. It was at least a better lost than the previous two weeks where they just seemed to give up. I liked the new sign/T-shirt I saw which said “Yabba Dabo Doo.” That was kind of funny.

Today was a good Sunday. We are doing well, I think, at church. We have been meeting regularly for 5 weeks now. That’s awesome! I was excited to see some people I had invited there…. I’ve been kind of disappointed that people I’ve invited haven’t shown up. Then, I think about the kind of people we are inviting and are coming. They aren’t your typical church goers for the most part. They are people who are far from God. It’s going to be a big step just to get them to church (even if it is in a movie theater). There is one girl that I have been praying for and inviting to come who hasn’t shown up yet. I keep praying for her, that God would change her heart, that He would wake her up on Sunday morning and make her come (ha!), but that hasn’t happened yet. I’m not a very patient person…. But I know, once she comes (and I do have faith that she will come), that she’ll love it and be back.

We have new people come every week. We have people come for the second time every week. We have people who consider themselves regular attenders come every week. My question for them is what is your next step? For first-time guests, their next step might be to come back a second time, or perhaps, it’s to become a Christ-follower. For second-time guests, their next step could be to keep coming and to get involved somewhere. For regular attenders, their next step could be to help serve, to join a Hub Group, and to keep coming.

My question for myself is:what is my next step? I am doing all of that: coming weekly, serving, going to Hub Group. What is my next step? I think my next step right now is to continue to do whatever needs to be done, to invite people to come, to learn to be a disciple and to learn to make disciples. Being a Christian, a disciple of Christ, is a continuing journey. It’s like in geometry class when you drew a line with arrows on the ends. That meant that it was an on-going line, it keeps going in both directions forever. Being a disciple means that I will always be learning; God will always be molding me, refining me.

So what about you? What is your next step in your continuing relationship with Jesus? Maybe you just need to go to church somewhere to learn about Jesus? I invite you to Hub City Church. It’s a safe environment for you to explore and question Jesus. It’s alright, He can handle your concerns. Maybe you need to learn, you need to start learning to feed yourself instead of depending on others to feed you. I encourage you to plan a personal devotional time to read the Bible and to pray. Maybe you need to find a place to invest your life, a church in which you believe in its mission. I invite you to Hub City, but if it’s not where you feel God wants you, then go to other churches… but remember, it’s not about you and what you can get from church. It’s about how you can invest your life to bring God glory. Whatever your next step is, I encourage you to take it! Step out in faith and God will walk with you.

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