“The Shape of Mercy”

“The Shape of Mercy” by Susan Meissner is a fictional novel set in current time, but it overlaps with a story of the past. It was really good and I could hardly put it down. It is the story of a girl who is trying to find herself, a girl who is trying not to become like her parents but discovers she is more like them than she thought. I don’t want to give too much away because you really should read it.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is when Lauren is talking to her father and asking him how people can convince others to believe something that they can’t prove. Her father responds that “People always believe what they want to believe…. You catch them at a weak moment, when they’re feeling alone or afraid, and you offer them the security of solidarity.” You can apply this to so many different things, but especially to people’s faith in God. Many times, it is at our lowest point that we finally see our need for God. Unfortunately, this is also where we our most vulnerable to go astray.

Anyway, check out the book. You can buy it here or read more about it. It was really great!

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