Frankie did a great job. I think he brought his personality to the stage and didn’t try to be somebody he’s not. I thought I would die (not sure whether it would be from laughter or mortification) when he took his shoes off on the stage! I think he did a terrific job though. His message was entitled “No One Stands Alone.” He had Robin Hunt, Susan Wines, and Jimmy McFarlin play Eleanor Rigby. They were awesome! Then, Frankie spoke and talked about the paralytic and his four friends who cut a hole in a roof to get the paralytic to Jesus. If only we were that desperate to get our friends to Jesus. We need to be in community together and we need to bring people who are lonely, people who are spiritually paralyzed, people who need community desperately, we need to bring them to Jesus and build meaningful relationships with them.

We are thankful for everyone’s support… to our families for coming and supporting us today, especially Heather and Bradley who came from the other side of Greenville. We really do appreciate all you guys do for us… from watching Alyx to supporting us financially to praying for us. It is wonderful to have you guys behind us.

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