I Know What You Are Going To Say

I have decided who I am going to vote for on Election Day. I have heard so many people say that they don’t know who to vote for because they don’t really care for Obama or McCain. Well, they are not the only two candidates on the ballet. But you think that voting for anyone else means your vote doesn’t count. Well, there wasn’t always a Republican and Democrat party. There were other parties that controlled the votes before and other parties can do it again, but it would take you and me changing our mindset and actually voting for the person we have confidence in or agree with the most despite their party affiliation.

So, who am I voting for? Well, let me explain something first. When Congress passed that 700 billion dollar bail out the other week, I was disgusted. How could they pass something that 3 out of 4 people in America did not agree with…. they had taken things into their own hands, instead of representing the people who voted them into office. I decided I would not vote for ANYONE who said yes to that bill. Who voted for the bill? McCain, Obama, Lindsey Graham, Bob Inglis to name a few…. I will not vote for any of them… which saddens me, because I have always thought of myself as mostly a republican. But I cannot vote for them.

So I have decided to vote for Bob Barr. When I took a quiz on who I should vote for, McCain and Barr had the same score as to how much I agree with them, and since I’m not voting for McCain, the choice was obvious. I looked at his views and he is against abortion, which is probably my main issue I vote on. You can click here and take a quiz to see who you agree most with or see what the candidates believe on issues. I challenge you to look outside the two main parties and see if there is a better choice. Why do we have to vote for the lessor of two evils?

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