My husband and Jonathan are going to Catalyst tomorrow and Friday. They will be leaving tomorrow morning at like 6am…. That’s early for Frankie, especially since he hasn’t had to get up early lately. Anyway, I’ll miss him, but I hope he has a great time, meets lots of new people to network with, and learns a lot!

Frankie will be speaking on Sunday at Hub City Church at 10am. His talk will be on “No one stands alone.” I know that he will do great, but it is his first time. So maybe YOU can come and support him! We love love to fill up the entire theater…. Frankie would probably kill me for saying that as it would add to his stress, but…. come, fill up the theater! Anyway, he has a cool idea for Sunday and you should come check us out! Please continue to pray for us and pray for Frankie!

Did I tell you guys that we collected $609 in the offering on Sunday that we are going to give to the family we’re helping???? How awesome is that? We, also, collected many diapers, wipes, and some gift cards. I read a quote from Gandhi today that said, “There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” Wow… take a moment and digest that.

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