For my birthday this year, I got an iPod. Now, I am not a technologically advanced person. In fact, I could really care less about a lot of electronic stuff… you know, high definition versus standard, flat screen, plasma, LCD…. I only know all those terms because my husband is obsessed with that stuff. Anyway, he got an iPod last year, so I thought it was pretty cool. I decided that’s what I’d get. So, I downloaded all my music to it and I started listening to some pastors’ messages. Now, I’m addicted.

I took it to work because there’s this guy that does nothing but complain all day long…. it’s awful. So I started listening to my iPod so I didn’t have to listen to him. He doesn’t like it much, even said, he was going to tell the boss that it was ridiculous that we listen to headphones and don’t hear his questions to us…. blah blah blah, something more to complain about. Anyway, I listen to 2-3 podcasts a day most days and I’m running out of stuff to listen to. I’ve downloaded backdated podcasts about as far back as I can…..

Oh well, guess I’ll just have to listen to regular music!

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  1. I’ve got all kinds of podcast recommendations.


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