700 billion dollars…. Really?

I don’t consider myself political savvy at all, but I’ve been listening to some talk radio shows and have been listening about this bill that Congress is trying to pass.

First of all, if an individual has ran up their bills so much that they can’t pay them, you don’t let them start over. You don’t just pay them all off and expect the person to handle it from there. You have to give them the tools to help themselves. Otherwise, what is to prevent them from doing it again? Why wouldn’t they do it again in hopes that you will bail them out again? And how is this different from what the government is trying to do with businesses?

Second of all, if the majority of the people that you are representing say that you should not vote to pass a bill, shouldn’t you listen to the people who you are representing and the people that voted you into office…. isn’t that what you are supposed to do?????

This whole thing makes me very mad. The government needs to lead by example. Who’s going to bail our government out when they can’t pay their bills?

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