What is your view of heaven? Have you really looked into what the Bible says we will be doing in heaven? I must confess that I have not. I mean, I know what I’ve read and I know what I’ve been taught, but I haven’t ever really looked into it. And while I’m confessing, the view that I’ve been given makes heaven sound kind of…. well, boring.

I was listening to something the other day and the speaker said that heaven should be a motivator for us. For example, for terrorists, their view of heaven motivates them enough to become suicide bombers. Now, I definitely don’t think heaven should be motivating us to kill people. But what should it motivate us to do? We should be willing to sacrifice everything, even our lives, in order that we might bring others with us to heaven.

I’m working things out in my mind. So, I’m sure you will hear more about it!

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