Because You Say So 2

Last night, at our small group we went over Luke 5 when Jesus called Simon Peter to follow him. I really love these verses and have blogged about them before.

Jesus was teaching the people beside the Sea of Galilee. There were so many people that when Jesus saw two boats, he asked one of the fishermen, Simon, if he would take him out in the boat so all the people could hear him teaching. Simon was cleaning his nets after just getting in from a fruitless night of fishing, but he decided to do what Jesus asked. When Jesus got done teaching, he asked Simon to go out into the deeper water and cast his nets down. Simon says, “We just got back from fishing all night long and we didn’t catch anything. BUT because you say so, I will.”

So when Simon Peter cast his nets in, he caught so many fish that he had to call his partners, James and John, over to help him get all the fish. There were so many fish that they filled both of the boats so that they were almost sinking! When Simon saw how many fish they had caught, he exclaimed, “Jesus, go away from me! I am sinful! I am unworthy!” Jesus replies, “Don’t be afraid! From this point on, you will no longer catch fish, but you will be fishers of men!” When they got to the shore, Simon Peter and his fellow fishermen left everything and followed Jesus.

So you can read my previous thoughts on this passage here, but last night, Frankie brought up a new point that I hadn’t thought about before. He said that Jesus first asked Simon to take him out into the shallow water so he could teach the people. Then, after he was faithful in this, Jesus asked him to go out into the deeper water. Jesus often tests our faith. He wants to see if we will do what he asks in the small things before he will reveal the big things to us. I wonder how often you and I have not gone into the shallow water and in doing so, have missed the deep water miracle that awaited us.

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