Frankie’s Birthday

Tomorrow is Frankie’s birthday. He was working tonight at the Flounder and tomorrow we will be busy with church and small group, so I decided I would take him out Friday, which was yesterday. So, we dropped Alyx off at my parents’ house to spend the night (of course, he didn’t know this yet).

We were going to eat at California Dreamin’ because of several reasons… one, because I knew I wouldn’t know what time to make reservations at Kanpai and two, we were going to end up in Greenville. But, I asked Frankie if he would rather go to Kanpai. He said no at first, but then made reservations before we got to my parents’ house. Kanpai is Frankie’s favorite restaurant and unlike me, he would go to the same place over and over again if we could afford it!

Next, we went to the movies at Hollywood 20 and watched “Eagle Eye.” It was pretty good except I couldn’t see the whole thing because the theater was packed and we had to seat in the front part. I had to close my eyes during a car chase scene because all the lights were killing my eyes! But it was good.

After it was over, we got in the car and started to go home, when I told Frankie: “Well, we could either go home OR we can go right down the street to this hotel” as I pulled out the room keys. He was shocked! Haha! I finally outwitted him. I had gone up earlier in the day to check in and drop our stuff off. Anyway, it was nice to have a night to ourselves and get to sleep in a little (only until 9:30am though and I was awake earlier but tried to go back to sleep).

Anyway, by the time Frankie reads this it will be his birthday, so


I love you!

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