Changed 2

Okay, so if you read my previous post, you are caught up. When I was a teen and up until recently, the circumstances made me conclude that I should be separate for God… sounds good, right? In essence, I don’t think there is anything innately wrong with that statement. But there is something wrong when we separate ourselves to the point that we withdraw from the world around us. How do you connect being holy before God but living within a sinful world to which we are called to impact?

Back to the story…

My co-workers talk about Hollywood and singers and stuff about which  I have no clue. I found myself in this cocoon of my own making. I couldn’t relate to them, because I had shut myself off from culture for over the last ten years of my life. When I went to church, they would talk about reaching people who were far from God, but I had to wonder who they were reaching because they seemed as separated as I was. 

When we started with Hub City Church, I began working through these thoughts with how I lived and how I connected to people who don’ t know Jesus. I realized that I don’t really connect to non-believers and up until God moved me to my current job, I couldn’t tell you one person outside of my family with whom I talked to that was a non-believer. How could I reach non-believers if I didn’t even really know any?? 

I started to really see how Jesus connected to people. He didn’t separate himself from the sinners, he ate with them, healed them, taught them, challenged them…. In fact, the people he was most angry with were the religious people!

It’s taken most of the last year to really change my life to be intentional about engaging with the culture and people around me. To realize that I can’t show people Jesus without building a relationship with them. It’s very difficult for me. I can give you excuses if you want them, but I know that this is something God is teaching me to do and it’s exciting! I used to pray that God would let me be more compassionate and he is. We had over 20 first-time guests at our first gathering on Sunday, many of them have been disconnected from the church for a while. The church is called to go out into the world and make disciples. Jesus didn’t make disciples by praying with people and sending them away. He poured his life into them. I’m excited about what God is teaching me and I hope my journey and struggled might help you realize something you might need to do!

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