My Little Dancer

I signed Alyx and me up for a mommy and me dance class. Last Thursday was our first time going. She was a little apprehensive. She danced a little bit, but mostly just watched everyone else. There were a ton of kids with their parents, and since she’s not used to being around that many people in one room, I think she was a little intimidated. Plus, it was our first time going! But she seemed to enjoy it.  So this week, we got there a little early and knew exactly where to go and everything. She walked in and started running around like a mad woman. There were only a few others there.  She ran around with two other little girls there. When the class started, Alyx tried to follow along. They just do little motions like jumping, clapping, stomping, turning around. She did well. Then, the teacher had everyone sit on the floor and do a stretching exercise….that’s where it all went downhill. Alyx did not want to sit on the floor and stretch.  She wanted to run around and play. So she was weaving line sin between everyone while they were on the floor….. Great! I’m the one with the annoying, cute kid. You know, the one that does stuff that’s cute the first couple of times, but after the fifth time, you’re like… please STOP! That’s Alyx. Anyway, about 5 minutes before it was time to leave, Alyx decided that it was time to leave. She took me over to her diaper bag and wanted me to pick it up. As soon as I did, she marched over to the door. Aahhh, my sweet little stubborn princess! Here’s a photo.

On another note, Alyx spilled red kool-aid on my living room carpet. RED. Couldn’t be lemonade or even Coke, but RED kool-aid. Not that my carpet isn’t pretty messy anyway, but still…. there’s no way to disguise a big RED spot on the beige carpet. She did try to clean it up, though. She handed me pieces of a paper towel that she had found and tried to wipe it up with. That’s how I found it.

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2 Responses to My Little Dancer

  1. Sara says:

    She looks adorable! It sounds like you guys are having fun in the dance class. We have had 2 red kool aid spills in the past 3 weeks. It’s not too noticeable but still I was not happy. Each child had their opportunity to stain the carpet so now the rule is you have to stay on floors that can be mopped!

  2. chinchillas07 says:

    Yeah, if only daddy would follow that rule! It was his kool-aid she spilled!

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