I have a little card that says “I am safe. I am secure. I am confident.” It’s a little card I got when I went to a hypno-birthing class, but that’s another story. This morning, I was thinking about my family. I have several family members who aren’t Christians.  Some of them have been to church before, some of them haven’t. Some of them have asked me questions about Jesus and the Bible, some prefer not to talk about it at all. Everyone is in a different place in their relationship with Jesus. Some have none, some are trying to figure it out, some have a head knowledge of Jesus, but no relationship…. Regardless of where you are in your relationship with Jesus, you should be able to go somewhere where you feel safe, secure, and confident. Somewhere that you can investigate who Jesus is or what the Bible says and not feel like you have to conform to some image or worse, face ridicule from so-called Christians. We want Hub City Church to be that place in Spartanburg. A place anyone from anywhere can go to investigate Christianity without feeling out of place, mocked, like an outcast, alone… Somewhere they can fell safe, secure, and confident.

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