Breaking the Discipleship Code

So, the current book I’m reading is called “Breaking the Discipleship Code” by David Putman. He breaks the book up into three parts; the first part is “What is a follower of Christ?” He defines this in three parts. First, a follower of Christ is someone who lives as Jesus lived. This involves action. It is getting rid of the baggage (spiritual, emotional, physical, and otherwise) that weighs us down. It is about decreasing ourselves so that Jesus may increase in our lives. Second, a Christ follower is someone who loves as Jesus loves. This is the motivation. Simply living like Jesus is about what we do, but it must be motivated by impractical and extravagant love. Love that doesn’t make sense, that would case us to give up our lives for others, give away anything we can for others. Third, a Christ follower leaves behind what Jesus left behind… disciples. We need to invest in relationships and people and leave behind a legacy of people who live like Jesus and love like Jesus.

I really liked Putnam’s definition of a follower of Jesus. This is what we are about at Hub City, making disciples, people who follow Jesus, so it went along with what we are currently doing.

On a side note, does anyone know someone who might need a TV. We have a 36″ Sony HDTV that we no longer need. I prefer to give it to someone who really needs a TV, not someone who has ten already. It’s several years old, so they will probably still need the box thing or whatever when the TV stations switch over next year. Also, it is VERY heavy, so we will need some help moving it.

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