So I’ve watched the first four episodes of LOST on the SciFi channel. I guess they are playing 4 episodes every Monday night in prep for the new season. It’s interesting because you get to see how different people are. Sure, it’s fiction, but I think there are people in our lives who act just like the people there. Anyway, it seems interesting, but I hate the thought of adding another TV to our already full line-up of TV shows. Why, you ask? We already watch CSI:Miami, Heroes, 24 (the best show ever), Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, CSI, Survivor (although I don’t know why, it’s the same thing year after year), How I Met Your Mother, and a host of other shows I can’t remember right now. I hate watching that much TV. You get sucked in and then that’s all you think about. At least, we have TiVo so we can fast forward through all the commercials.

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