Another College Football Saturday

Okay, so I thought that since we really couldn’t afford season tickets to Clemson this year that I would get to see more of Frankie this fall….. I was wrong. As we speak, he is at Clemson. He has assured me he will get a ticket, eat, and anything he needs to buy for less than $20. We’ll see. Regardless, I think I am still losing the football battle…. Most women get mad because all their husbands want to do on Saturdays and Sundays and Monday nights and Thursday nights is watch football. Oh, if only I was one of those. No, I normally like to watch football on TV. In fact, the last few years, I’ve listened to many Clemson football games on the radio while Frankie was there. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t just want to watch them on TV. He wants to be there…. So here I am, another year, same fight. I thought that I would win this year, but NOW, I’m not so sure.

Well, at least I can watch the game on instead of listening to it on the radio. Have fun!

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One Response to Another College Football Saturday

  1. Sara T. says:

    I really thought I HAD WON when Alan announced today that he would not be going to the game despite the FREE ticket his parents offered him. Boy was I wrong. Instead, he spent the entire afternoon with earbuds stuck so far in his ears, he couldn’t hear a word any of us said. On top of that, he took the time to figure out how to set up the webcam on the laptop which he placed in front of our dresser mirror and invited his tigernet friends to watch it through their webcams. Oh yeah, I’m being serious. So I’m thinking I might have been better off if he just would’ve gone to the game. I guess it’s a lose, lose situation.

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