The Million Dollar Question

Okay, so if money was not an object for me, what would I do?

Well, if I could do anything in the world, it would be to buy a big house (that I wouldn’t have to clean-remember money’s not an object, so I could afford a housekeeper or two) and would open it to children, college kids, or young families who needed a place to recover. I know, you think I’m not being truthful, but that is really my dream. I’ve always thought it would be awesome to be able to help people who need a place to stay. Frankie and I talk about adopting a child one day, but I’d like to be a foster home. I know that there would be lots of things to deal with, but I think kids need somewhere they can go and see what a family can be like. Of course, I’d have enough money to stay home and play with all the kids all day….

Anyway, what would you do? See the world? Buy lots of high tech toys? Send your kids to college? There’s nothing wrong with any of that. I would like to travel some, but there’s nothing really high tech I want, except maybe a cell phone in which I can see who’s calling (a cheap one). I guess, I just like helping people which has been kind of hard for us to do right now since Frankie’s not really earning a steady income yet. But I’m really excited about what God is doing through Hub City Church. It’s spectacular to see how God is using us to better our community. And the future is looking really bright!

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