Plagued with Doubt

I was listening to a message on dreams, when the speaker said something that struck a cord with me. he said that doubt is a natural part of your faith. But when you doubt or worry about things, where do you go? Do you move towards faith or do you move towards fear?

I have always been a worrier. And I have always heard that I shouldn’t worry, that God will provide. i have always felt like worrying was a sin, but it is just a normal routine of mine and I haven’t been able to overcome it (probably, because I’m trying to do it on my own). But this guy made it sound different…. It’s not that worrying is a sin in itself. It’s when I let my worries turn into faithlessness, when I start to believe them, when I let them overcome me instead of believing God can overcome them.

It’s one of those things that you know… except someone puts a little different spin on it and all of a sudden, it makes absolute sense.

Please pray for me. I am a worrier by nature. I need to remember to turn things to God and trust him to provide… like when my car didn’t want to start this morning….

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2 Responses to Plagued with Doubt

  1. Sara says:

    As a fellow worrywart, I have the same struggle. I don’t want to worry but I haven’t been very successful at just stopping. So this was an interesting perspective for me as well. Thank you for sharing it…it really helped me think about it in a new way.

  2. Kaye Allen says:

    I guess it runs in the family Melanie. My Mom worried and I worry too. But I’m like you I want to overcome it. My worst time is at night and I’ll lay there forever and think about things and worry. I have quite a few to worry about. But eventually I’ll talk to God and say please God take this burden and carry it for me. And most of the time it works. Hope your car got you to work this morning. Sorry, that’s frustrating.

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