When Alyx Cries

When Alyx cries, it breaks my heart especially when it’s because I’m leaving her. If she only knew how much I would rather stay in bed and snuggle with her than go off to work… At that same time, it makes me feel needed, loved, special…. She is crying because she knows I’m going and she doesn’t want me to. It’s bittersweet. She cried this morning when I tried to leave, so I had to lay down with her and try to get her to go back to sleep for Daddy. She finally settled down so I could go, but it was sad to leave her.

One of the best moments happened the other day… I came home from work and walked in the door and she came running into my arms. I hugged her tight and she let me hold her and she gave me kisses…. It was almost worth leaving to come home to a welcome like that!… Almost.

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