A Third Experience

Read part one and two first!

Ok, so in the two experiences, we saw one church with many impressive technological advances in which something went wrong and the service ended and a second church that was unimpressive to the regular church attendee that is reaching hundreds of people who are far from God. I think we just need to make sure we are following God. If He blesses us with technological equipment, we should use it wisely and to the best of our ability, but we should remember it is only a means to the end and the end is not the Sunday morning service. It is seeing people who are far from God fall on their face before Him.

So, as I was thinking about all this, a third experience came to mind, this one is a little more personal.

A small group of believers, committed to following Jesus and trying to reach the lost of their community, work together to have a first Sunday morning gathering. They prepared as best they could. They woke early to get everything set up correctly. The band arrived and sounded great. And soon the service began… The band took the stage and began playing their first song. Halfway through, the power went out. A catastrophe. They couldn’t get the sound back. They couldn’t get the video back. Thankfully, the house lights were up and they pushed through it. Sure, it was a little unimpressive, but it was their first time. It’s not what they expected (except maybe for one who admittedly told them he had prayed that things would go wrong! What’s up with that?), but they made it work. The experience happened for a reason. God was showing them He was so much bigger than their plans. And maybe they were a little disappointed that things didn’t go exactly as planned, BUT people came who were far from God and got a little glimpse of who God really is by watching them…. and that’s what it is really about.

Welcome to Hub City Church.

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