Two Experiences

Ok, this is going to be a three part blog because someone once told me they don’t read long blogs, so I thought maybe there were more people out there like this. It’s based on a quote from “Church is a Team Sport” by Jim Putnam in the introduction, but I will share it later in part two.

I want to tell you about two church experiences. The first one is an experience that my husband had. He visited a church that embodies what we, as a church plant, want to do: to reach those who are far from God and bring them to Jesus. They do this very effectively. When Frankie visited their Sunday morning service, his response to me was that he was not impressed. Now, we have visited lots of churches as we are seeking God’s direction in what he wants us to do and Frankie just meant that there wasn’t anything spectacular that brought people in… God is what is attracting the lost to the church there.

The second experience is one in which we both participated. We visited a massive church that had started a non-traditional service and was piping in the sermon from the traditional service. They, too, are trying to reach a different group of people in their community. They had many technological conveniences. It was very impressive. The music was awesome; the energy was great. Then, during the opening of the sermon, the power went out. So, they closed out with prayer and everyone left. Now, please don’t think I am saying this is bad or anything, these were just two experiences that came to mind when I read the quote.

So, what’s the quote?

To be continued…

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3 Responses to Two Experiences

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  2. thanks for not posting long blogs 🙂


    Glad y’all are back in town. We missed you.

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