The Quote

So read part one first.

I am holding on to a belief that we, as a church plant, need to be excellent. We need to be able to compete with everything else that is out there in the world. The world is visually appealing and we need to be comparable to that. Don’t we?

Here’s the quote:

“I wonder if some church leader will come visit us and think, ‘This is not reproducible; we don’t have the money for a building like his or these fancy video projectors.’ If they look at the surface, I am afraid they will believe this stuff is how we got where we are. They would be sorely mistaken. I am afraid at times some of our people will take pride in this stuff. They may come to expect it, to rely on it. They may begin to invite their friends to ‘come and see our stuff. It’s quite a show!’ I pray that if the stuff gets in the way, the Lord will take it away.” (p.39, “Church is a Team Sport” by Jim Putnam)

Wow! When I read that I was immediately convicted of my thoughts. I mean, I know it’s about bringing people to Jesus and doing whatever we can to do that as long as it’s not sin. If that includes fancy equipment, then that’s fine. God will use whatever we have… but (and this is a big one) He doesn’t need it.
He is the main attraction and if we are not bringing people to him, then we will never be successful. If it’s only about the Sunday morning “show,” then we have failed miserably.

Stay tuned for the third part in which I’ll tie these first two parts together and tell you about a third experience I’ve had.

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  1. You’ve got me sitting on the edge of my seat.


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