Sorry! I’ve been on vacation!

Sorry, I haven’t wrote lately. We just got back from Hilton Head on vacation. It was great to relax a little and not think about everything at home. They didn’t have Internet so I couldn’t keep you all up to date on the great fun we had… actually, it was really low key. We did nothing except go to the beach a few days when tropical storm Fay wasn’t bearing down on us.

Anyway, I come back to vacation tomorrow. I wanted to say how great our second preview service went. I actually got to do my job this time. We kept power the entire time. Frankie’s videos were awesome and got lots of laughs. The band was awesome like last time. And even though we didn’t have as many people to help as last time, it went really well. We had about the same total number of people as last time, but more that were not part of our group which was awesome and I definitely think we had some who will be coming back once we launch who aren’t currently in church, which is really great. Anyway, I am tired, so I write some more later…. isn’t it funny how you have to rest when you come back from vacation?

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