Our weekend was going to be really busy. We have Movies in the Park on Saturday night, our second preview service on Sunday morning, and after the church gathering we are heading to Hilton Head for a week long, much needed VACATION! Unfortunately, our weekend just got a little busier. Last night, Frankie’s grandmother (his dad’s mom) died. His dad got to go see her yesterday for a little bit before she passed away. She and most of their family live in Georgetown SC. So, we are leaving Friday and heading to Georgetown for the receiving of friends and then, Saturday, at 3pm is the funeral. If you are doing the math already, you realize that Georgetown is about 3 1/2 hours away. So, even if we leave right after the funeral, the earliest we would get back is probably 8:30-9pm.

Which brings me back to the title of this post… Help! I’m not sure how many we have showing up to help for Movies in the Park, but we sure could use some extra hands. If there is any way any of you out there would be able to spend a couple hours helping, we sure would appreciate it! I’m working on recruiting my family already! You can bring your family to watch the movie and help hand out registration cards, and then, when you get done, you can go sit with them. We need you there around 6pm (but if you’re late, I’m sure they won’t mind too much!). The movie will start around 8:45-9pm.

I have a strong sense of responsibility an it really bothers me that we won’t be there to help, but if you’ll help, I’ll feel better! If you can, let me know so I can tell Jonathan to expect you. Thanks!

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