Ok, I love the Olympics. Now there are some sports that I don’t like at all… like boxing or basketball or badminton, but most of them I am like glued to the TV. Swimming is like the best sport ever and all they do is swim back and forth across the pool. I like the gymnastics, too and beach volleyball. I like to hear the stories they tell about the athletes. The story about Cullen Jones, who drowned as a kid and had to be revived, and ended up a part of the relay race team that smashed the world record and beat out the Frenchies to claim the gold. That’s awesome… (BTW, I call them the Frenchies because one of them called the French that in their interview after they won the race). Seeing Yao Ming and the second grader who survived an earthquake walking in together was cool. And how about the love triangle between the Pellegrini, Manaudou, and the Italian guy? Can’t get anymore soap opera like than that. I am most excited to see Michael Phelps hopefully win 8 gold medals! Anyway, got to run… beach volleyball is on.

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2 Responses to Olympics

  1. Sara T. says:

    I must confess that I haven’t watched the Olympics as much as I should have. But after reading some of the cool stuff you’ve seen, we watched some last night. And Alan found an online video of the swim relay…that was so awesome! Remember when Alan and Frankie thought they could be on an Olympic badminton team? That is until Alan suffered a wrist (or shoulder?) injury and had to put his racket down for good.

  2. chinchillas07 says:

    I laugh every time I see or hear something about badminton in the Olympics. It would be hilarious to see Alan and Frankie playing badminton….

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