Fusion 2 and Olympics

Here’s my summary of the last few chapters of this book.

Chapter 8: We need to help move guests from a “their/your” church mentality to a “my” church mentality by giving them responsibility and ownership. Help them to be a part of the church and provide opportunities to join. Chapter 9: Membership growth is a way to evaluate how the church is doing. It is a commencement. The end of one thing, but the beginning of something new. Your goal is to produce people who were first time guest who became regular attenders who became members who invite first time guests who become regular attenders who become members and so on. Conclusion: We need to practice the “Principle of Spiritual Readiness.” God will not give us more people than we are prepared to receive.

I really enjoyed this book because it focused on how important it is to move people from one place to the next. Christianity is a journey… one step at a time. It is also important for us to realize that people are in different steps in their relationship with Jesus and we need to gauge where everyone is, not just new people.

On a totally different note, did anyone see that awesome relay race in which the USA out touched the Frenchies by .08 seconds! It was awesome! Phelps was screaming like crazy, but they were all awesome. Cullen Jones got to race and his story is really cool. He drowned when he was a kid and the lifeguard had to give him CPR and he coughed up like a pint of water…. that’s amazing that he conquered water despite the fears he probably felt. Anyway, I love the Olympics!

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