Lonely Weekend

So, Frankie flew out to Idaho this morning. He left at like 4:45am this morning, so I didn’t get to really talk to him before he left. He won’t be back until late Saturday evening. I have so much to do in the meantime though! Tonight, I am going to my Mom’s house to eat dinner. Tomorrow night, I am going to a baby shower for a friend. It’s her first baby. It’s a boy! I’ve very excited for them because they have wanted kids for a long time and are so great to everyone else’s kids. Anyway, sometime SOON I need to go get a little something to add to what I already got them and I need to get some bread to take over there. They are doing like a supper, too. It’s normally great! Friday night, I have no plans as of yet, but that is subject to change at any moment. Saturday, I have a birthday dinner for one of the kids in the family and it’s in Greer. I have yet to pick up a gift for that either. I think there is something else going on, but at this moment I can’t remember. Then, Frankie gets home Saturday night. Sunday, we need to go to some church (I don’t know where) to get some sound equipment for our next preview weekend. It will be long and tiring and a little lonely….

Anyway, maybe I’ll have time to read the rest of my book and some other books I’ve being reading. Oh, and wasn’t Frankie’s blog sweet?

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