Saturday’s Adventures

Today was a rather nice day. Frankie went to Hatcher’s Gardens to take pictures this morning, while Alyx and I played for a little bit. Then, around noon Alyx fell asleep while in her daddy’s arms… it was so funny watching her trying to stay awake and her head bobbing back and forth. I’ll try to post a video on it later. Frankie and I rested a little while she was napping.

Then we went to the Greenville Zoo. You knew when she spotted an animal because she’d start giggling. She wanted to pet the elephants. She walked through the entire zoo and her face was just as red as could be, but she didn’t want us to hold her. We stopped and got some drinks and when we were finished, Frankie asked her if she wanted to see more animals. She responded, “Where they at?” with her little hands up in the air… it was cute. She fed the goats. She yelled at the giraffes. She tried to climb in with the giant tortoise. She banged on the window at the lions. They had a statue of a bear there and we tried to get Alyx’s picture on it. She screamed, so Frankie had to hold her up there beside him. I think she liked it. 

Then, we went to Nana’s house to go swimming. We tried out Alx’s new life jacket. She jumped right in the water with it and went face down into the water, but she didn’t really cry… She was laughing and splashing and jumping in. She had a blast. Probably the funniest part of it all was that she got out of the pool to poop! (I was trying to figure out how to say that in a more discreet way, but nothing was working… sorry!)

When we got out, we ate from Fatz and then ventured home, where Alyx helped us clean up a little. Then, she was off to bed. With today’s activities I’m hoping she will sleep in a little tomorrow morning.

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