Well, this week work has been just peachy! (Hope you noticed the sarcasm in that.) I really like my job. It’s got a good bit of variety and is very detail-oriented, which if you know me at all, you know I thrive in the details. But the inter-relational politics that go on are almost unbearable. I’ve been blamed for things I have no control over; I’ve been given the cold shoulder and silent treatment because people made incorrect assumptions; I’ve been betrayed by someone I’ve defended to everyone…. It’s just hard. It’s hard to know when I should just let things go and when I should stand up for myself. I really think I am a giver, I will do anything you ask me to (as long as it won’t hurt or harm me), I feel like I give my loyalty pretty freely. Thankfully, my supervisor knows me well enough to know that I am doing everything I’m supposed to be doing and not doing things I shouldn’t be doing. But despite that, today I got some duties taken away from me that I really rather enjoy doing. And it was all because of a couple of girls at work complaining and whining about their mistakes. I was really upset when she told me I wouldn’t be doing some things any more. I realize that it’s probably for the best, but it still stinks.

Anyway, this weekend should be somewhat interesting for us. Tonight, we went to California Dreamin’ for dinner with my family. My sister and I both had our birthdays this month and we hadn’t got a chance for us all to get together and celebrate. They all got me something, which was very sweet. Thanks everyone! I enjoyed our time socializing. Poor Jon, Mandie’s husband… every time we go out to eat, they get his order wrong. They never cook my steak long enough either, but they messed up Jon’s salad, then they messed up his potato, and his steak wasn’t cooked to his liking either….

Tomorrow, Frankie is taking some family pictures for some friends at Hatcher’s Garden and then, we might get to take Alyx to the zoo. We might also be getting some new cell phones…. downgrading our service, but going to AT&T (which Frankie wants to do because then he hopes one day he can get an iPhone). But I would be getting a great deal to actually get a phone that I can see who I’m calling! The screen on my phone is all white. I can’t see a thing on it. I set my phone to remind me of Alyx’s doctor appointment back in Dec 2007 at 9:30, so every morning at 9:30 my phone starts beeping… I can’t see to turn it off! I know you are laughing, but the phone works great otherwise and I’m pretty cheap when it comes to replacing things that are usable.

Sunday, we’ll go to church somewhere… don’t know where yet, but we’ll probably go to NewSpring in Greenville. I don’t think we have other plans Sunday, but I don’t know yet. Monday, Frankie is taking my daughter to Wienie Heads for lunch… sounds yummy, right? Then, we are meeting with a couple on Monday evening. Then Tuesday, we have LTM. And Wednesday, Frankie is leaving for Idaho (I think I said Iowa before, but I was wrong) and will be gone until Saturday sometime. Anyone looking for a beautiful little girl to watch on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday?????

Anyway, hope your week went a lot better than mine! We leave for Hilton Head in 16 days! Yah! BTW, that is also the day of our second preview service… hope to see you all there!

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