Here Am I, Send Me.

Well, Frankie is off to Virginia Beach for the weekend with Jonathan. They are hoping to get some time with Vince Antonucci. They will be going to Forefront on Sunday and get to experience a church that is doing church for the unchurched people in their city. I’m excited for him and I wish I could have gone and experienced it with him. But I’m hoping he’ll take good notes! (yeah, right!)

I was reading Vince Antonucci’s blog yesterday about his big announcement that he is going to leave Forefront where he has been for 11 years and go to Las Vegas to start a church on the Strip. When you think about a city that is equal to Sodom and Gomorrah of biblical times, Las Vegas is definitely on the list. As I was reading and watching the video where he announced it, I was overcome with emotion. He told about how he rejected the idea at first, saying that God would have to tell him over and over and over again before he would act on it. He told how he’s been struggling with this calling since Thanksgiving last year, but in the end, he gave in to God. He said he made a list of the pros and cons of starting a church on the Las Vegas Strip. He had a whole bunch of stuff in the cons, but only one in the pros: God told me to…. in the end, that trumps everything.

I was thinking about how this is like our journey. Frankie came home one day from a conference. He told me that he felt God calling him to start a church and it would be in a city far from here. He said over the weekend this city kept coming up in the conversation over and over and over. He kept dismissing it, but the more he thought about it, the more he knew this was what God was calling him to do. I was upset. I mean, I’m an introvert. I don’t make friends easily. Our families are here. But despite my initial protests, I knew if God told him to and was telling me to support me husband, then we will be going. I’ve always loved the passage in Isaiah where God called him asking who should He send and who would go. Isaiah’s response was “Here am I, send me.” That’s what I want my response to God’s calling to always be. “Here I am God, send me.”

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