Reality Shows

I watch a lot of Reality TV: Big Brother, Survivor, So You Think You Can Dance, Hell’s Kitchen, The Apprentice, Amazing Race, The Mole, American Idol, sometimes the Bachelorette, Beauty and the Geek, etc. I just like reality TV (plus, since the writer’s strike not much else has been on TV). I was watching So You Think You Can Dance yesterday and was thinking about how much it is like American Idol. I mean, sure, one is about singing and one is about dancing, but they both have the Hollywood hosts that try to create suspense and excitement and three judges including one very annoying one. At this point, I am most thankful for TiVo. We record most of these shows and then watch them later. What a blessing it is to be able to fast forward through the “critiques” of Paula Abdoul and Mary Murphy….. those are two of the most annoying people on TV, yes they are (if you get this, you probably know what I mean). If we have to get rid of TiVo, I will be very sad!

And on all of the Reality TV game shows, there are always those annoying people you are praying for someone to please vote them out! or surge past them in the Amazing Race! Like Adam and Sheila, last season Big Brother, and Renny this season. And what about Sanjayai (or however you spell it) from American Idol a couple seasons ago? And that chick from The Apprentice… Omarosa? Why do we watch these people every week? I don’t know… TV is addicting.

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