the 411

Next Tuesday, we are going to have a Hub City 411 class on Hub City Church’s mission and vision. On what we want to do here in Spartanburg and around the world. We would love for anyone who is interested to come…. whether you might want to join us or whether you are might be willing to partner with us to fund Hub City Church or whatever. I’m excited about it. I think God is going to bless us greatly in the next few months in ways we would never have imagined. So come and meet with us!

So, not too much is happening in our lives outside of Hub City right now. Alyx is getting bigger everyday. She has learned how to throw temper tantrums (I’m not really sure you learn how to do that, but she’s doing it now). She throws herself in the floor, lays face down, and screams….. It’s great. She also loves to dance. Anytime she hears music, she starts swaying and moving her head. She’ll snap her fingers which is really funny because she puts one arm straight up and then the other across her front horizontally. It’s adorable. Her hair is getting a little thicker and curlier than ever. She has one long strand in the back that Frankie calls her chinchilla tail (we have chinchillas, do you want one?). She absolutely adores her daddy and hollers for him all the time. She can say a few words, but would rather grunt at you and point than to try to tell you what she wants… unless you hand her a phone and then, she’ll jibber jabber on it for a long time. She’s a sweet girl for the most part, but we’ve learned the hard way, that maybe we should take food home rather than go out to eat!

Frankie is applying to Liberty College this week, still not real sure how we are going to pay for it, but hoping God will make a way for him to go. He’s been working hard on graphics for Hub City, which are awesome and hopefully, we can show at the next preview service. This weekend he is going to Virginia Beach to visit Forefront church and Vince Antonucci, whom he met at a conference he went to. Jonathan and he will be able to see first hand a church that is really reaching out to unchurched people. Then in a couple weeks, Jonathan and he are going to Iowa (or Idaho, can’t remember which) to see how a church is doing small groups.

I’m not doing too much… just working at Waste Management and trying to keep everything together at home. I was thinking I might take baby to a dancing class. She’d love it. Anyway, that’s the 411 on our lives right now.

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