Preview Weekend

Well, Saturday started like any other Saturday… having a lot to do in a little bit of time! Alyx woke us up as usual! We made sure we had everything ready for MIP and for the preview gathering. Frankie left for MIP to pop popcorn around 3pm. Alyx woke up from her nap and I dropped her off at my mom’s house to spend the night (What a blessing that was!) I got to MIP around 4:30pm and helped set up tables for registration. We have actually got it done to minimal setup which is great. We counted as people came in this time and got a count of around 1600 people. Another awesome turn out. God has blessed us so greatly with MIP; it’s just phenomenal. We showed Shrek the Third. I haven’t seen it still, and wasn’t really able to watch it last night either. People are still telling us how much they appreciate what we are doing which is really cool.

When we were leaving, my car, which Frankie was driving, wouldn’t start…. great! The battery was completely dead and they couldn’t even jump it off. Chris and Frankie had to go buy a battery at 11:30pm from Wal-mart. I guess, it’s times like these when I am thankful for Wal-mart. They are few and far between, but it is kind of nice to know that if your battery goes dead in the middle of the night, there’s at least one store open who will sell you one.

Sunday, Frankie arrived at the theater around 7am (did he even sleep?) to start setting up sound, lights, and video. Most of the guys were meeting him there to setup. Everyone showed up around 8:00am to setup the kids’ area and the Hub table and signs. Rosie and I went to Krispie Kreme and picked up some doughnuts for our people and for the people at Spartan 16. When we got there, everything was pretty much setup and ready to go. They had 8 movies that started between 9-10am! I didn’t know they started that early in the morning! But I think it was because of the new Batman movie which we are going to see tonight. Anyway, Perry, the movie manager, was great! I was telling Liz and Michelle that we might need to move our Hub table because movies started on our side of the theater at 10:30am and he was like, “No, it’s fine…. as long as they have a little hole to go through, it’ll be fine.” He was just awesome.

So, we started the service on time at 10am. My Calvary was singing “Kingdom Come” and were great, when all of the sudden….

Nothing. We blew a breaker. From there, we had to pretty much go on with the sermon. We did get power back but we couldn’t plug up everything, so the projector was a no-go (which is what I was doing). It was fine without the video; it just upset me that Frankie worked nonstop for the last two weeks on all the demos and videos and no one got to see them, so I was a little disappointed in that. Jonathan did a great job of continuing the service despite the obvious problems! My Calvary got to do their other songs at the end of the service which was good. They did an awesome job, too.

That’s one of the reasons we did these services though… to troubleshoot any problems that might come up. Perry and Frankie have a plan for next time to make sure we don’t lose power again. For the few moments the band was on stage, they got complaints about it from the theater next door! But Perry was cool and said they knew that it would happen. They are going to stagger the movie times so there isn’t a movie in there until later and they will also start the one in the theater we are in at a later time as well. But we were out of the theater at 11:33 and probably, the last 10-15 minutes was getting the band’s stuff out, so we had great timing on the tear down.

Despite the technical difficulties, the preview gathering went well. We had 30 people that weren’t on the launch team or volunteering with us or band members. The people I heard from really enjoyed it, too. So overall, I’m excited. It went well. Thanks Jesus for bringing us some people, for a great relationship with the movie theater staff, for the band, for the volunteers from Florence, for showing us that You are still in charge.

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2 Responses to Preview Weekend

  1. Priscilla says:

    Melanie – I really enjoyed being a part of MIP and the preview service. You guys ROCK! You were such an inspiration. Thanks for allowing us to learn with you. My brain was on overload trying to soak it all in. I had never heard of Kidzmo, and I really hope when we launch that we will be able to afford a program that engaging for our children. I learned 1 Thessalonian 5:11 right along with the students yesterday! Hope to see all of you again and would love to keep up via the net!

  2. Thank you guys so much for allowing Revolution Church to come and be a part of MIP and your Preview. We are honored to have been with such wonderful servants of God who have such a sincere desire to reach thier city for Christ. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

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