Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, I am officially 28 years old. But today I am going to be too too busy to even realize a difference! When I get up (which hopefully, Alyx will let me sleep to 8am), I need to get ready and meet Michelle to make some copies of our coloring pages and lessons for the 3 and 4 year olds. Then we will need to get the MIP registration forms put together with the new MIP cards and the preview service cards. Then I need to get back to the house, get lunch together, and get Alyx to sleep for her nap. Then, Frankie will head to Barnett Park somewhere during Alyx’s nap (but he needs to run a few errands too). Hopefully, he and I will be able to go over the power point stuff sometime, too. When Alyx wakes up, I will be taking her to my mom’s house in Duncan, so she can watch her for the evening. Then, I’ll head over to Barnett Park and do whatever needs to be done there….. counting, registration, running up and down the hill until I feel like my feet are going to fall off. Great FUN! As long as Jonathan doesn’t cause a stampede again, it’ll be fine. Then, after the movie, we’ll clean up, pack up, and head out. One of us will have to go get Alyx. Then, we will go home and sleep for a few hours before we need to get up for our very FIRST PREVIEW SERVICE!

So as you can see, I’ll be very busy on my birthday with hardly a moment to stop and reflect on my journey. But Frankie, being the wonderful husband that he is, took me out to eat tonight to Renatos. I might have misspelled that…. anyway, he invited some of our friends to come celebrate with us. It was nice…. except when they brought a cake out and started singing “Happy Birthday.” How embarrassing (even though there were only two other tables occupied at the time). Whose ever idea that was should be beaten!

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