Psalm 33:20-22 We’re depending on God;
he’s everything we need.
What’s more, our hearts brim with joy
since we’ve taken for our own his holy name.
Love us, God, with all you’ve got—
that’s what we’re depending on. (MSG)

How awesome is that? This is where I am. I am depending on God for all I need. With Frankie not bringing home a steady income, I have to depend on Him financially. That is not to say I don’t worry about it, but truthfully, aside from a very few freak outs, I have really tried to depend on Him and more importantly, trust Him for what we need. But I also trying to depend on God to meet my emotional and spiritual needs. I have a habit of trying to get other people to meet my emotional needs… I want them to meet my need for love, protection, acceptance, belonging…. And when they fail me, I am devastated. But God is all I need. I need him and if I can learn to turn to him when I feel a void in my life, he won’t fail me.

I love the part about taking his holy name for our own. When you trust God with all you have, you see everything differently. It’s all his including me…. everything I am is because of him, so please God, put your name on me like a stamp. Stamp me for God! May I love God with all I am. May you love God with all you are. He really is our hope. It is in him that I hope for a great turnout this weekend at MIP, but especially at out preview gathering. But not just anyone, I want God to bring the unchurched, the unloved, the messy people that live n this world. But more than just bringing them, I want God to change their lives. I want to be a part of a spiritual awakening in Spartanburg and see God turn this city upside down. Is that a selfish request? YES! God work in and through me to bring about a spiritual awakening to the people around me.

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