Cappuccino and Lies

Okay, it is absolutely freezing at my work place. It’s 95 degrees outside, but inside that building it is 25. So after working there for 2 years, I made a great discovery. We have a coffee machine in the break room, but I don’t like coffee so I’ve never even really looked at it. But someone told me it had hot chocolate in it, so I decided I would get some. When I went over to get some, I discovered it had something even better than hot chocolate! A french vanilla cappuccino! Jackpot! So now, three days later, I’m addicted!

So now for a totally different subject…. I know a habitual liar. He used to be my youth pastor, unfortunately. He lied all the time about so many things, but I think the worst part of it was that I don’t think he really realized it. I think he lied so much that he truly believed whatever he said. I don’t know how to reconcile that in my mind except that I really think he has some mental issues. I’ve never meant a more deceptive person and to know I was believing those lies is hard sometimes. Anyway, today I realized how deceptive someone else I am in contact with is. This girl… I don’t know if she is a habitual liar like the guy before, but today, it floored me as to how far she was willing to go to cover up her lie. And it was a stupid thing to lie about because I can prove she was lying! I have a hard time with people lying to me. I tend to be very naive and want to believe the best about people. So when people violate that trust, it upsets me. But these two people were and are in my life for a reason. There are a great many things I learned during the time I was under (and over) my youth pastor and I know God is teaching me in the current situation… he’s letting me test my words… do I really care about everyone? do I really want this girl to come to our church? do I really want to introduce her to Jesus? Right now, I can say “YES!” to these questions, BUT is that what my actions are saying?

Okay, now I need to go make myself a cappuccino. Later…

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