Well, it’s getting closer and I’m getting more excited! (and nervous, you know I am!) Everything really is falling into place which is great.

Also, my 28th birthday is Saturday….in some ways, I don’t feel that old, and some ways, I feel older! Liz Everette asked me what we were going to do for my birthday… I know I probably looked at her like she was crazy! We’ll have to be at Barnett Park at 3pm and will be there until midnight or so, depending on how long Shrek the 3rd is. Then Sunday, we will probably be at the church at 7am and be there until 11:30 or so, depending on whether Frankie and Jonathan figure out a way to hide under the seats so they can stay for the first showing of Batman…. Then, we will go home and crash, probably not get out of bed until Monday morning for work. Anyway, I told Frankie all I wanted was to go out to eat by ourselves and at a place we don’t normally go, preferably somewhere we’ve only been once or twice (which excludes every place he likes). (This is a hint to my husband.) Anyway, maybe we can celebrate next week. Oh, I forgot, Sunday night, we are going to see Batman with Frankie’s college group.

Anyway, I’ve got stuff to do… like play Word Twist on

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