Yah…Coming Together.

I think my sickness/headache/whatever it was is gone. Thank you Jesus! Tonight is our LTM, the last one before our third MIP and first preview service! I am excited, but there is still a lot to get ready! Frankie came up with a cool graphic for this week’s service. See it here. He’s got a cool video for our first series that we will launch with and the graphic for it. (You have to come to the service to see it.) We’ve gotten the sign up sheets for kids’ registration, “event staff,” Hub groups; we’ve gotten the material together for K5-5th grade and the 3-4 year old room. We’ve gotten a band (Yah!) and a projector to use. We’ve got a sound system to use and Frankie is working on lights. We’ve got several groups coming that are going to help staff MIP and the preview service. Everything is falling into place. Yah!

Oh, July 9th was Jonathan’s birthday. We were going to get him a gift… I was trying to find a beaver for him. Why? See here. But I couldn’t find one… so I am thinking about giving him a chinchilla… it’s close to a beaver. Same toothy grin…. Furry…. I think that’d be good. Do you think he’ll like it? Heeheehee.

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One Response to Yah…Coming Together.

  1. I’m so glad you didn’t get me a chinchilla!


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