It’s Going Around

So Saturday evening, I started to get a headache and then my stomach started acting queasy. I laid around the rest of the evening and went to bed early. It wasn’t a great night… let’s just leave it at that. Anyway, I woke up Sunday morning and felt okay, so we went to NewSpring. That night, my head started hurting again really bad…. and I woke up this morning with a headache as well. Alyx actually ran a fever last night, so I might have given her whatever I have. Anyway, I left work a little early today so I could lay down some. I have taken Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofen…. none of it worked well. So I’m sorry if I have given it to you and you’re forgiven if you gave it to me! I was just thinking how this is like the worst time ever to not feel well. I really hope no one else on our launch team comes down with it. I’m over it, I think, but I’m worried Frankie will get it and he’s got enough on his plate right now. ANyway, it’s 11pm… I need some sleep and so do you.

P.S. Say a prayer for Rosie for her doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 1pm.

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