Elisha’s Jars

We went to NewSpring first service (technically, the second since it was the 11:15am service) at the Greenville campus. It was really good. It was kind of good to watch someone else’s first day. I wish we knew someone there where we could have just stood back and watched the prep for everything. Anyway, Frankie and I got some good information on some things we should do or make sure we have covered.

During the worship service, particularly while we were singing Chris Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace: My Chains Are Gone,” I was thinking about Hub City and how awesome next week is going to be! Next week will be our next step in the church plant’s mission. I will be excited no matter how many people show up, but I know God is really blessing us, and I am a little concerned whether we will have room. I guess I think about the OT story in 2 Kings 4 where the poor woman asks Elisha for help. Elisha told her to go get as many jars as she could find, even tells her “Go around and ask all your neighbors for empty jars. Don’t ask for just a few.” When she brought them to him, Elisha told her to go pour oil into them. And as many jars as she had, God filled them all with oil (which was like money in the bank during that time). When the jars stopped, so did the oil. God has done that with MIP… I mean, for whatever we have prepared that is what he has brought us, even if we didn’t know it that’s what we prepared for. Does that make sense? I mean, if we put out 10 jars that is how many He’s filled up. So, what if we put out 20 jars? 50 jars? 100 jars? 1000 jars? I just don’t want us to limit what God can do because we haven’t prepared for it. I really think we are doing everything we can with the resources we have, but I know if we had more resources (mostly money), we could do so much more to be prepared for so many more people. I am amazed by what God is doing, is it bad to hope for more???

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