Spartan 16

This morning, we went over to Spartan 16 and loaded in some stuff for our preview services, checked out the sound and tech stuff, looked to see what we still need, and checked out how we were going to set up some stuff. It was pretty awesome. I’m very excited about everything that is going on… a little apprehensive about some stuff. It is just very cool to see how God is working things out for us. We still need some stuff, but God has provided some stuff for us to borrow for the preview services. Anyone have about $3000 they could let us have? We need to buy a projector, some lights, and some sound stuff. God has provided a way for all these things for the preview services, but we will still need them for our launch in September.

Anyway, the guy at the movie theater said he and his family don’t go to church, but they are going to check us out. That’s cool. Here’s something else I find interesting and a bit funny. When Frankie talks about Spartan 16, he calls it the church! I think that’s funny. It’s always been a movie theater, but here we are, making it into something new. God makes all things new, right? We’ve been using the slogan “church at the movies,” but maybe one day we’ll be talking and I’ll be going to see a movie, and I’ll say… “I’m going to a movie at the church!” I just think that’s funny.

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