A Lifetime

Today at Waste Management we are celebrating an employee who has worked here for 20 years! That is a lifetime to me (literally, 20 years ago I was 8!). I can’t imagine being in one place for that long. I can’t imagine ever doing anything for 20 years. Maybe in 20 years or so, I’ll be like, I can’t remember when I didn’t do this (hopefully, that won’t be working in data entry). What would it be like to say “We’ve been church planting for 20 years!” I think that would be cool. I think Frankie will be that kind of person…. a professional church planter. I could be a professional student (that is kind of a side note and not where I was going with this post at all). Anyway, I hope that we will be professional church planters of more successful churches than failures (by God’s standards). I believe Hub City Church will definitely be the first of those successes. Who knows, maybe in 20 years, we will be saying we’ve been with Hub City and Spartanburg for 20 years now! Who knows. I guess I hope to find the thing that makes me want to wake up everyday and say “YAH! I’m going to work today!”

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