Okay, so today is July 10th. My birthday is July 19th (just 9 days away), BUT also in 9 days is our 3rd Movies in the Park. We will be showing Shrek the Third. I haven’t seen it, but it’s probably funny. I liked the other ones. I did not however like the Christmas short film they made. Anyway, the group that has been passing out postcards this week might be coming back to help us which is really cool. If God blesses us with great weather, MIP could possibly be twice as big as last time. How awesome would that be! Okay, but more importantly than MIP, in ten days is our first preview service! We got out banners today. They came all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel…. isn’t that cool? Anyway, this Saturday we are meeting at the theater to do a mock run through of setup and tear down. So that should help me be a little less frantic… I hope. I ordered some musical instruments for the 3s and 4s, and they shipped today, so that’s good. Chris and Michelle finished the boxes (see the picture below) and put a clear coat over them. I still feel kind of lost as to the video stuff I’m supposed to help with. We are supposed to be getting Pro-Presenter for Mac, but I don’t think we have yet. There is SO much to do and SO little time. God, help me not to PANIC!

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