Time Out

   It’s kind of funny to hear people tell me how much they enjoy my blog… or they start asking me about something on my blog. At least, someone is reading, right? So thank you to those of you making this a little bit more worthwhile!

Anyway, not too much has happened over the weekend that I haven’t already talked about. I was able to go eat with my friend, Abby, last night. That was great. It is so nice to be able to go sit down and talk to a friend for a while (even if you both have infants that sometimes like to scream in the middle of the restaurant). We just spent some time catching up on the latest info in our lives. I know I need those times more often than I actually get them. It’s a time to share your life with someone on the outside who can give you some valuable input… and even make you laugh a little at it! So, if you have done so lately, call one of your friends and ask them out! Ha… that’s funny…

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