One Prayer

This morning we went to Spartanburg Community Church for Sunday worship. They started a series entitled “One Prayer.” The concept is that if you had one prayer for the Church as a whole, what would it be? Hundreds of pastors across the country have recorded their sermon for other churches to use. So, your pastor preaches on his one prayer first and then shows 3 other sermons on other pastors’ one prayer. It is really a great concept and a way to unite churches. Anyway, today, Hub Blankenship said that his one prayer is “Lord, make us uncomfortable.” I think this is a great prayer for the American church. As Americans, our culture has spilled over into the church and we are satisfied to be a part of a great worship experience, but it doesn’t change our lives. Being a Christ follower is nothing if it’s not about life change. When Jesus told Peter to follow him, Peter had to drop everything he was doing (including his big catch of fish) to follow. When Jesus met Paul on the road to Damascus, Paul’s whole life changed. He went from persecuting and killing Christians to proclaiming Christ to the Gentile world.

My point is this. As Americans, we have made Christianity into a comfortable religion. There is no sacrifice. There is no hardship. In fact, many “Christians” have the mindset that if you are facing hardship, then you have done something terribly wrong. The Christian life is supposed to be a piece of cake….

Nothing could be further from the truth. Paul and all the disciples suffered greatly for the cause of Christ even to the point of death. Many Christians all over the world have to hide their faith for fear of their lives. In America, the most we really have to fear is being labeled a fanatic or closed-minded. Is that really suffering? I think we do need to be uncomfortable, but more than that we need to be willing to change. But I think, as Christians living in a unbelieving world, we should never feel comfortable. This is not our home. And we need to remember what it’s really about and what’s it really not about!

So, LORD, make us uncomfortable…. and keep us there.

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