I Stand Amazed

I was going to blog about something else, but I decided to go with what’s in my heart right now. I am just overwhelmed with joy and awe over what God has done and is continuing to do concerning Spartanburg and Hub City Church. To me, there is no other way to explain it, but that God has put his hand before us and prepared the way. I have never been a part of something that is so clearly a God-thing. There is no way our launch team of 15 could ever have pulled off what we have with MIP or what we are going to with the launch of Hub City Church without the hand of God moving. I am so excited. I am so amazed. So what has he done, you ask? Well, it started with collecting donations for MIP. Most businesses seemed happy to give, which is a major accomplishment in itself. Then, at Spring Fling, people were so excited that we were putting on this community event for Spartanburg. God allowed us to get Barnett Park for a reasonable amount. God allowed Coke to see our vision and jump on board. Costco donated water and watermelon for the last three events. God allowed a guy to give us popcorn at cost. A non-Christian donated a large sum of money to go towards the expenses of MIP because he saw the value of what we were doing. God allowed us a front page cover story on the Spartanburg Herald Journal. Then, he gave us a cover story of the front page of the Life section after our first MIP. God allowed Spartanburg Today to hear about us and do a full page article on MIP and the church (we had no idea this was printing). God allowed us to get into the Escape as a top pick for what to do that week. God allowed 2000 people to show up to the first MIP and 3000 people to the second EVEN WITH a 40% chance of rain. God allowed my sister, who hasn’t really been involved with church or God, to join us and help with MIP and be excited about it and to come back to our launch team meetings with insight. There is so much more, but I might short out my computer if I continue. I am just in awe over what God is doing using us. I hope you are a part of something that you can explain it in no other way, but to say “It’s God!” As I said, I stand amazed in the presence of God. Will you stand with us?

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