Overslept and Stuff

This morning I woke up to some truck going down our street to realize that it was 6:45am and I needed to be leaving for work in 20 minutes. Not good! So I spring up, get myself ready, open the bathroom door and hear Alyx crying. Frankie had turned off the monitor, so he didn’t hear her as he was still in dream world…. So I had to run downstairs, calm her, and then bring her back upstairs so Frankie could semi-watch her while he slept (she normally goes back to sleep with him). Then I rushed downstairs, got my lunch together, and ran out the door. I hate it when the morning starts out on the wrong foot. I feel rushed. I am not in a great mood. I didn’t get to do my devotional first thing this morning. Aghhh! Oh well, I guess I’ll remember my alarm tonight!

Frankie did a webinar on-line yesterday about financial aid for Liberty College. He wants to go and get a masters in evangelism/church planting. We found out that no matter what as part of the seminary degree, he will only have to pay a maximum of $2000 per semester. He also got to apply for free instead of the $50 application fee they normally charge. So that was good news… Now we just have to figure out how to come up with the $2000 per semester. I think he only needs like 36hrs or something… probably 3 or 4 semesters, and he’ll be taking most of the classes on-line, I think. Anyway, I think it will good. I’ll enjoy it, too, I’m sure. I’d be a full-time student if I could. People think I’m crazy, but I’m good at learning… maybe not so great about putting it into action, but the learning and reports and tests and studying….piece of cake.

Last night, we had our LTM. We talked about the stuff we need in order to launch Hub City Church. We are actually doing two preview services before our launch date. Anyway, here’s a list: Lysol spray, age-appropriate Bibles, Bibles to give away, puzzle floor mats, changing pad cover, DVD player, sound equipment, lighting equipment, projectors (min of 3500 lumens), a band!, and money! The movie theater is letting us store stuff there, so that’s great and will make it a lot easier to setup and tear down. I’m excited! and I’m starting to panic a little…. it’s a great sensation! I know we have to depend on God, but maybe He’ll use you…so if you have anything on the above list, maybe He’s asking you tp help. We also need volunteers for our launch in September. Maybe you are perfectly happy with your church (and that’s great), but maybe you can help us out for 3 months as we start up and get people to step up and take your place. There are lots of ways to help and I’m probably leaving stuff out, but thanks in advance to God for His provision and to you for your prayers and support.

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