Inventory and Such

Last night, we went through the Hub City’s trailer to see what we have and what we will need. There were five of us, but some of us liked to talk more than go through stuff….. just kidding (kind of). All I can say is we sure have a LOT of black curtains and table cloths! Alyx found her a seesaw she really liked and a baby doll….

Tonight, at LTM I think we are going over what we will need and who will be responsible for getting it. I truthfully don’t think we need too much more for everything to go well. The biggest things are probably sound and lighting stuff to fill in the gaps of what we have and are borrowing. I am looking forward to painting the offering boxes we are going to use. It’s going to be so much fun! Tomorrow night, as long as Frankie doesn’t have plans for us, I will probably make up some different size stencils to use for the logo. I’m giddy about it! Yeah art and crafts!

And one more thing, make sure you scroll down some and watch the Beaver Time video…. watch it a couple of times…. it’s hilarious!

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One Response to Inventory and Such

  1. Giddy about stenciling…? And you made fun of my beaver! Seriously, thanks for being giddy about that. It makes me want to hurl and I so glad to have such a diverse team.

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