I was busy at work today! Since I took Friday off, I came into almost two days worth of work, and Elizabeth left early so I was supposed to cover for her. Luckily, Marilyn was able to fill in most of the day for her. Anyway, now I’m tired. Tonight, Frankie is meeting with a guy from SCC, and later, we are supposed to go help inventory what Hub City has in the trailer. Frankie has to meet with a couple he did a wedding for (photography). Tomorrow, we have LTM and I just got a cal, that a friend is having her child’s 1 year old birthday party tomorrow evening as well. Of course, I will be working through Thursday as well. Sometime, this weekend I will be getting together with the Blackwells and painting the offering boxes for the church, so I guess, either Wednesday or Thursday night, I am going to need to make some stencils of the church logo to use. I’m sure that Frankie’s family will want to get together sometime on the 4th and perhaps, mine will as well. I really would like to maybe go to the Redemption Outreach thing that they put on every year, but we will see. Regardless, I am BUSY!

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